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What do we do at AMI?

Why do we have conflicts between members of family, communities and nations?  The answer is rather simple; we really don’t know each other, and whatever we know about the other is unverified incomplete semi truthful information loaded with myths. 

What is the solution?  Let’s take the time to learn about each other, and learn to respect the otherness of others and accept the God given uniqueness of each one of us, when we do that, conflicts fade and solutions emerge.

God says (Quran 49:13) that he has created us (all of us) from a single couple, and that makes us all one big universal family.  In another verse he says, if he had willed, he would have created all of us exactly alike, but instead he chose to create all of us to be unique beings, each one with his or her own thumbprint, eye print, DNA and taste buds.

Then he says the best ones among you are those who take the time to learn about each other. What happens if we learn the truth about the other directly, as opposed to what someone else saying it? Conflicts fade and solutions emerge. That is indeed Islam.

At AMI we recognize that our media and policy makers do not have a full picture about us, so we are committed to providing them the right information and hope the ill-will or propaganda will recede. While doing that, we have to strengthen our relations with fellow beings who subscribe to different faiths and are from different places, races and ethnicities. At the end, we have to reflect about ourselves as Muslims,  and see what we can do to create such a world where no one has to live in apprehension or fear of the other.

Welcome to American Muslim Institution (AMI)

Our Mission is to be a credible, proactive voice for American Muslims and to promote a positive image of Muslims through dialogue and understanding both within the American Muslim community and with other American religious communities, civic and political leaders, and opinion makers.


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