Proposed Guidelines for engagement

Here are suggestions from Mr. Oz Sultan, who had handled PR and Police engagement for Park51 AKA the “Ground Zero Mosque”. He recommends the following guidelines are for armed and un-armed protests. Even though most Muslims do not carry arms, it is a good ideas to be aware of it. Mike Ghouse # # # If […]

FBI's Run, Hide and Fight training program at Adams Center Sterling, VA, Friday, December 11, 2015 — America continues to be the greatest nation on the earth, safety of her citizens is institutionalized and is taken seriously. It was a saddening as well as joyous to sit in the class of teachers listening to the orientation from FBI Agent Peter, along with Craig and Sara. I am […]

The AMI Launch story tweeted by Congressman Keith Ellison and Special Representative Farah Pandith

AMI Story Tweeted by Farah Pandith and Congressman Ellison Congressman Keith Ellison is the First-Ever Muslim elected to the US Congress from the 5th Congressional District of Minnesota, and have been reelected since then. Congressman Andre Carson  is the Second-Muslim elected to the US Congress from the 7th Congressional District of Indiana, and had been reelected. […]