Frequently asked Questions

1. Why another organization?

Actually we need more organizations to focus on multiple problems we face today. Imagine 10 Muslim Organizations condemning a terrorist act versus 100 of them? The more Muslim organizations condemn it, the more we are perceived in tune with fellow Americans.

Our focus is Education, outreach and leadership


While most of Muslim organizations and scholars condemned the brutal acts of violence and destruction, it has not been covered by the mainstream media. However, we need to do more in plain English and the media needs to cover it more at the same time.

Remember, we are all in this together, if it affects me, it affect my neighbors, my city, my state and my country.

3. Sharia

First of all, American Muslims believe in the American justice system. And no American Muslim wants the type of Sharia that is practiced in the Muslim countries. We are neither looking nor asking for any laws other than our own laws of the United States.

(If asked to explain on what is Sharia Laws: Personal which is the relationship between God and the individual and other one is Public – which is between and more than two individuals. Personal Sharia deals with how an individual prays fasts, pays tithe, marriage and burials. Every culture and tradition has a system that DOES NOT interfere with any other human. Public Sharia falls under governance of contracts, conducts of individuals towards others, none of us are looking for public Sharia, and most /many Muslims would argue, Islam does not require Muslims living outside the Islamic world to make any effort to impose public Sharia in those societies)

Details in the article Genesis of Sharia Law at ShariaLaws.com

4. Jihad

Jihad has more than one meaning, it can be internal struggle to conquer the sinful thoughts and acts within us individuals, but it also can be waging a war in defense of one’s or society’s rights. The decision to declare Jihad in defense of a country must be made by the ruler in consultation with the religious leaders.

[Most/Many Muslims today do not recognize any current ruler in the Islamic world as legitimate or authorized to declare Jihad on behalf of Muslims.]

5. Apostasy

Islam is also called a faith of human nature, Deen of Fitra, and that is, no human wants to be forced to change his or her belief. Quran clearly states that there is no compulsion in matters of faith.

Prophet did not punish anyone, instead he said, one can become Muslim, and revert and re-revert, that is his or her choice, after all, only God has the right to punish and judge an individual and not humans.

Refer to the blog. Apostasy and Islam. Blogspot.com

6. Blasphemy

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), like Jesus, prayed for those who wronged him. “Forgive them God for they not know”. What a shame it is to have that practice of punishing for Blasphemy has taken roots in some Muslim nations. Until 10 years ago, no one questioned these laws, now there are movements gathering momentum to ban the Blasphemy laws.

7. Syrian and Rohingya Refugees

These are human tragedies resulting either from civil wars or zealot extremists and nationalists. They need to be condemned. International community needs to come together to remove the root causes contributing to these refugee problems and show compassion to settle those seeking refuge. We are one world and we have to find solutions.

If pressed on whether the US should accept Syrian refugees and if there is a risk terrorists may come to the US as part of any group of refugees accepted into our country – “There are accepted procedures for vetting any applicant for asylum or refugee status. We believe any refugees accepted into the US would go though such scrutiny. And, only upon satisfactory completion of such scrutiny would any refuge from Syria or elsewhere be admitted into the US.”

8. What about Radical Muslims entering as refugees and want to impose Sharia?

Thousands of refugees seeking shelters in Western countries appreciate the generosity of host countries and will come to appreciate our values of justice, equality and inclusiveness. We have to build on cohesive societies for the security of all members of the society.

9. Christians and Yazidi Refugees

You don’t have to be Christian to empathize with the Christian and Yazidi Refugees. It does not matter what religion a refugee belongs to. Those who have been uprooted from their native lands need our help; it really does not matter whether they are Christians, Muslims or Yazidis. Indeed many Muslim organizations have asked Muslims to pray for the well being of Christians, Yazidis and others who were being persecuted.

10. Terrorism

There is no space for terrorism in civil societies, and we all have been victims of terrorism in recent years. We categorically condemn all acts of terrorism and terrorist violence. There is no room for such acts in any civil society”. We need to discuss, debate and understand the root causes of extremism and address them.

11. Presidential Candidates

Voting and rooting for a Presidential candidate is a personal choice, and I am glad it is that way. This democratic process has given us 239 years of peaceful transition of power and stability.

12. Obama is a Muslim – Muslims are as surprised as President Obama is to ascribe a religion to him which he does not follow. On the other hand, so what if he was a Muslim?

13. Iran Deal – Our core values include a clear statement that diplomacy should be preferred over war. As we understand it, the Iran Nuclear agreement negotiated by the P4 plus Germany prevents Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Therefore it is a win-win solution and a step in the right direction in promoting peace in a region which needs peace the most.

14. Would you work with other Organizations?

Our focus is to work for a safe and secure America, and we will work with all like-minded organizations of all faiths.

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